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This website was created to record & preserve the history of the Rueth family which immigrated here from Germany in the early to mid eighteen hundreds. It covers those families that settled primarily in central & northern Wisconsin. Not included on this site is a separate family tree for those families in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Any information on these Rueths is welcomed and appreciated through the contact option in the above menu.


Navigating within the Rueth Family Tree Site

The Family Tree page

Due to the size of this tree, you have the ability to scroll both vertically & horizontally. You can follow the family trails by either of the following characters"

  • This means one descendant here.
  • ¦ This means one or more descendants below.
  • , located between two names indicates the individuals are married

    The Photo Gallary, Obituaries, Headstones and News Archives

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    The CONTACT page

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